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Allan Frank nominated for German Country Music Award 2015!

Allan Frank was nominated for the German Country Music Award for Song of the Year 2015 for his song "Dancing on Wheels" written for the Mike O'Donoghue nominated album "Gone America." Allan and Mike share co-writing credits on the song.

"The German Country Award is the most important award for country music makers in Germany. The Award is determined by a jury of media representatives of the country music scene. Among them are music editors, writers, journalists from the print and online area and radio DJs from the country music field.” Deutscher-Countrypreis

"Thank you to the German Country Music Awards (Deutscher-Countrypreis) for being considered for German Country Music’s 2015 Song of the Year. I am truly honored, grateful and humbled to have been nominated for the 2015 Song of the Year Music Award."

The Backstory and Lyrics are available here. Read More