KC Café Radio

KC Café Radio commentary: 

“I’m proud t be working with KC Café Radio!”

“As independent #singer-#songwriters, #artists, #writers, and #composers know. It is all about getting your #music “out there.” And for those who are hungry for new music it’s all about ways to find it. One way that can happen is through #radio airplay.

And one of the best stations I’ve come across to accomplish both those goals is KC Cafe Radio. As an indie artist-friendly station that reaches across a broad spectrum of listeners, KC Café seeks “to bridge that gap between performer and consumer ” which they do quite well.

KC Café exists in part because of generous people who love music and are willing to support it. I am honored to have had six songs selected for radio airplay on KC Café. And I’d like to encourage your support for all the work they do. 

Please “LIKE” KC Café on Facebook and if so inclined please click on www.kccaferadio.com/tip-jar to support their efforts or visit their website www.kccaferadio.com and click on the “Donate” button. Since KC Cafe Radio is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization all donations to their station are tax deductible.

Also, through underwriting there are several ways individuals/business can help them “Keep the Music flowing.”

And, thank you fans and friends for all of your support. I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to do what I do.”   w/ Allan Frank

Allan Frank

Allan Frank is an accomplished songwriter having written since his teenage years. As a folk musician he traveled and played on the streets of Europe during the late 70’s. Later moving to California he continued his musical pursuits honing his craft through college courses and songwriting classes both in Los Angeles and Nashville including UCLA’s Songwriting Certification Program, NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) and SGA (Songwriters Guild of America) professional workshops. He was selected by two-time Academy Award winning songwriter, Al Kasha, to edit Kasha’s and Joel Hirshorn’s book “How to Write a Hit Song.”


In 2001 his song, “Dancing on the Moon” (co-writer Andrew Michael Wyatt) won 1st place for Best Country Song in the 2000 International Unisong Competition. Other awards followed. Most recently his song “Dancing on Wheels” written with German country artist Mike O’Donohue was nominated for the 2015 German Country Music Song of the Year. He has written with top writers in LA and Nashville including Gary Burr and Grammy winner-Chris Tompkins.


As an artist, Allan released the album, “The Road So Far” in 2009. The album charted on Euro Americana, Roots Music and Americana Country charts. Allan supported the album touring in Europe 2010 – 2012. Currently he is writing both in Los Angeles and Nashville.