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August 10, 2009 North Hollywood, CA

Hometown CD release party (August 1st, 2009) article.
With Musicians and artists who performed and links to their Websites


September 20, 2009

Launch of Allan Frank Music Website
Support, Construction and Design Personnel/Websites listed.


October 26, 2009 North Hollywood, CA

International Radio Release


January 19th, 2010

US Radio Release - January 2010


March 9th, 2010

Official United States CD Release
Allan Frank’s “The Road So Far”

NASHVILLE, TN - (March 9, 2010) California based singer-songwriter Allan Frank is hoping to strike a universal chord with the release of his first project, The Road So Far, on March 9th. Frank is an artist whose songs invite the listener on a heartfelt journey, one he's created with pen and paper through the decades and now offers on this first album. "There's nothing I'd like more than to take the listener on a journey to somewhere they've never been, yet somewhere they'd want to go back to time and time again." 

The Road So Far, an engaging work offering a retrospective snapshot of Frank's music that spans nearly three decades of songwriting, draws on personal experiences of Frank's life and, with loving care, combines a childlike playfulness with the passion and adventure of a young man and the wisdom of an old soul. In it we hear his varied and unique vocal stylings from folksy warmth to heartbreaking resignation and we are introduced to a quality of songwriting that takes us along with him on a stimulating trip down the unexpected road so far. 

With various genres represented, Allan's strength as a balladeer shines through. With a style that can be described as Americana with Folk, Roots, Bluegrass, Gospel, and Country influences, Frank has created an engaging work offering genuine, musical storytelling. 

The album starts with two different songs that showcase two very different viewpoints on the need to break away from the ordinary. From a call to adventure on "The Long, Long Road," to a heartbreaking saga of the broken dreams of "Black Collar Workers." In contrast, "How to Dream" shares the story of how a father and son are taught to dream through the innocence and wonder of a child. The upbeat, "I Got a Song," invites the listener to take their own personal journey by urging the listener to cut the ties and open themselves up for whatever awaits, while "Any Fool" paints an ironic and compelling picture of one clinging to the lasting hope of a failed relationship while contemplating his own foolishness. 

An accomplished songwriter, Allan has won awards both in the US and abroad, including 1st place for Best Country Song in the 2000 International Unisong Competition. He consistenly works with top writers in both Los Angeles and Nashville. 

Allan's songs are special because they are accessible and they consistently ring true. Whether a narrator or as part of the story himself, he gives us insight into the motivation behind human behaviour, including our own. "I'd truly like to touch something in everyone, whatever the situation. It's y attempt to touch the truth, to measure the depth of life," he says. In doing so, Allan presents an appealing combination of humor, drama, and sensitivity that we immediately connect to in his music.


July 19, 2010

National Press Release about Kulak’s Woodshed
Emerging Artist – Allan Frank


August 20, 2010

Songwriter Allan Frank signs with Swedish Promotional Firm-HEMIFRAN SPARSOR, SWEDEN (link)
Official European CD Release - August 24, 2010

SPARSOR, SWEDEN - (August 20, 2010) Award-winning Songwriter, Allan Frank, has signed a promotional agreement with HEMIFRAN for the European release of his debut album "The Road So Far." 

HEMIFRAN is an independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, based in the heart of Sweden, specializing in, what they call, "gut music" - The kind of music that one can feel in the gut, no matter if it's power pop, soft singer-songwriter, heavy rock, blues, gentle westcoast-pop, country, AOR, jazz, Americana, electronica or just plain, simple, good'ol, rock'n'roll. HEMIFRAN works with the traditional way of distribution, sales, promotion and marketing. 

Some major American and British artists are represented in Europe by HEMIFRAN including Jackson Browne, Robert Plant, Judy Collins, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. 

HEMIFRAN's CEO, Peter Holmstedt, felt Frank's music represented a style of music his company could create a buzz around. With "the brilliant songwriting; great, thoughtful lyrics and very convincing melodies, the musicianship and spare production (which) adds "weight" to the already great songs (and) the recording (that is) really "in your face", in the most positive meaning - I really do believe that this music could do very well with Scandinavian and/or continental European audiences," he said. "It is really great to hear an album where the songs, the performance, the overall feeling, really creates ‘a picture' for the listener." 

Frank will be scheduling a late Winter/early Spring tour in Europe starting with the Berlin Country Music Festival in early February.


October, 2010

Allan's debut CD, The Road So Far reached #20 on the Euro Americana Chart in September 2010. 


February, 2011

Allan's debut CD, The Road So Far debuts at #44 on the Roots Music Report's Top 50 Folk Chart


August 2012

Allan Frank featured in Germany’s Rock Times Magazine