Allan is currently co-writing and working
on new material
with plans to get back
into the studio soon.

Stay tuned!




Tuesday, September 27, 2016  7:00pm
JC Hyke's Songwriter Serenade

Matt Denny's Ale House
145 E Huntington Dr., Arcadia, CA
(626) 462-0250
Facebook Songwriter Serenade

October 13 - 16, 2016
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bellevue WA.

Thursday, October 13th
11 - 11:30PM
Mother Hen Promotions

Thursday, October 13th
12 - 12:45AM (Friday morning)
Zat & Mitchell's Song Palace, 3 artists

Friday, October 14th
4:20 PM, 3 artists, 1 song each
Susanne Millsaps Coffeehouse

Friday, October 14th
11 - 11:30PM
Songs From the Campfire

Saturday, October 15th
12 - 12:30AM (Friday morning)
Songs From the Campfire


Allan began touring in 2010 in support of “The Road So Far.”
Below are some highlights.

Europe 2010
Berlin, Ulm, Hamburg, Germany 2010
Berlin County Music Messe (Festival)

Europe 2011
Austria and Germany 2011
Vienna Country & Western Club

Europe 2012
Germany and The Netherlands 2012
Berlin County Music Messe (Festival)
Alter Schlachthof, - Soest, Germany
Schwarzer Baer - Wilhelmshaven, Germany

United States
Performances in Peoria, Illinois and Nashville Tennessee

Allan also performs in and around the Los Angeles area since 2009,
including a short Residency in 2011 at The Cork Bar, Corky’s Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA



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